Venezuelan Women Being Mugged For Their Hair

 An unthinkable thing has happened to Venezuelan women in the city of Maracaibo: They are living in fear of being mugged for their long beautiful hair. The Americas website first reported this news in September 12, 2013.  According to the report, a gang of women thieves known as The Piranhas has been preying on women with long hair.  They go about targeting women with long hair in order to get their hair to sell as hair extensions. The Americas website has proceeded to report that the crime rate has been very high in Venezuela but hair thieves in the City of Maracaibo have taken crime to a whole new level. These Piranhas mostly carried out their crimes at the beach or at the malls. They would grab these women’s hair, pull out a scissor and cut off their long hair. According to the Semana news website, some women are held at gun point and forced to put their hair in a ponytail then the thieves would cut the hair. They would then turn and sell the hair to hair salons.  This attack on Venezuelan women has left victims traumatized, and women have become fearful to venture outside their homes.  Some have wondered if they would ever be able to have long hair again. This crime is a very serious one for the Venezuelan people because long hair plays a role in their beauty culture.

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