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Contact Number: (813) 284-8880

Ad Listing Concerns

It is easy to add your listings on Hair Only Here®, but if for any reason your listing is not showing up in the category of your choice, or you are having an issue with adding your listing, please feel free to reach out to us.

Uploading Images

Image Size
Here are some options for uploading an acceptable image size onto the directory: 800 w x 600 h or 750 w x 750 h or 550 w x 550 h in pixels. Any one of these sizes will work. Whichever size you choose to have for your images, please make them the same size.

Image Quality
Avoid uploading blurry images. You want images of your work or your products to be seen in the best light as possible.

Images For Free Listings
For your free listing, you are allowed to upload no more than 3 images per listing. Also, it is important that your pictures keep with the theme of the directory site and is relevant to the type of hair services or products that you provide in order to get your listing approve.

Images For Enhanced, Premium and Supreme Packages
The enhance, premium and supreme ad listing packages are great for businesses that sell multiple types of hair products and even hair services. For example, if you are a beauty supply business, you can use a listing to showcase hairstyling products, another for hair accessories, another for styling tools, another for wigs and hair extensions, another for men’s hair care products and so on. Another example is if you are a barber, you can have one listing that showcases cool short hair cuts, another for fade hair cuts, another for modern hairstyles, and so on.

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