Barber Babez Barbershop

Atlanta Barber Babez Barbershop provide luxury grooming services. Low Female haircuts and Men cuts Near Me and of all ages since 2010. Skilled in all hair types and textures. In her hometown Georgia, Britt.stylez is a licensed Master Cosmetologist as well as Master Barber. Britt.stylez has prior managerial employment experience from companies such as Great Clips, Sport Clips, The Boardroom Salon for Men, & Roosters Men’s Grooming Center to name a few. Here at Barber Babez Barbershop we specialize in turning boys into men by developing a healthy consistent relationship to assist in the daily home hair care and skin care regime. We welcome ladies with short cuts, keeping in mind that we specialize in Men’s Grooming. Facials HairCuts..& more!

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