Fountain Square Barber Shop

Our customers reviews: “As a young traveling consultant in the midwest based out of Indy this is my favorite place to get a cut.

Quick Look:
Atmosphere: A
Service: A
Timeliness: B
Community: A

Atmosphere: A
Old School barber feel and by coming here for years, I know just about everyone. When a new barber starts I introduce myself and love seeing this place grow. Love the Jazz music that is playing most often.

Service: A
You want to talk about a nice clean look. I see Matthew / Jacob majority of the time. Give them an idea of what I am looking for but give them the creative freedom to make me look great.

Timeliness: B
Being fully transparent. Things are typically running a bit behind. It only takes 1 customer to be 5-10 minutes late that will run their tight schedules together.

Community / Culture: A
With a welcoming atmosphere, good conversation, and smiles all around I love walking in. At this point majority of my friend circle & family go to this barbershop and love the experience.

Services: Haircut, Beard trim”

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