HABA Salon

What We’re About

HABA Salon is woman owned and operated! We have been giving folks great hair since 2014.

Our priorities: you, your hair, our community, and our planet!

WHAT DO WE USE? We are a Davines Salon! This means treatments, styling products, color, the works are all made by Davines. Based out of Parma, Italy, Davines is committed to creating products from the best ingredients and with the fewest negative externalities possible. Started in 1983 with the the goal of creating sustainable haircare products, their first item was approved for sale ten years later in 1993. Since then, they have continued to produce high quality items while not compromising their goal to keep them sustainable and with the smallest impact possible.

HOW ARE WE HERE FOR YOU? Our stylists have more than 90 years of experience spread between them. Cuts and colors are our bread and butter however, we do offer services such as prescription treatments, some facial waxing: brow, lip, and chin, as well as event styling. We hope to provide a top notch experience; soothing both for your hair and your soul.

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