MAXIM Hair Restoration & Transplants - Dallas

MAXIM Hair Restoration & Transplants – Dallas provides hair restoration services, including Hair­Transplants (FUT and FUE), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), PDO Threads, Stem Cell Micrografting, ­Exosomes, Laser Hair Therapy including Laser Caps, Topical Compounds, Shampoos, Conditioner, and Supplements. ­The hands-on hair transplant surgeons and clinicians at MAXIM specialize in MEGA sessions up ­to 4,000 grafts using advanced FUE technologies such as the WAW system. ­We also offer No Shave or Long Hair FUE, Body to Scalp Hair Transplants, Facial/Mustache/Beard­Hair Transplants, eyebrow hair restoration, and male/female hair loss treatments.­ MAXIM has over 15 locations nationwide. Hair is all we do, and we do it well.

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