Posh Pet Hotel

Our customers reviews: “I’ve only boarded my dog once here, not because of the facilities, but because I like traveling with my dog. The facilities are amazing and from what I can remember, it is pricier than other facilities to board, but you absolutely get what you pay for here. The staff is amazing, the dogs are treated royally, and you won’t see a single cage in the entire facility. In fact, when you walk into the place, it as if you were walking in to a five-star luxury spa, and you can take a tour through the entire facility on request.

Anyway, because I travel with my dog, I can only comment mostly with regard to the grooming services. Lori, the groomer, is the absolute best in the county. And you think the prices would be super high, but they are not. They are extremely fair. But make sure you call to book in advance, because the groomer is in high demand.”

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