Salon Di Vago

Salon DiVago is  a hidden gem located at 5800 East Skelly Drive inside  the Corporate Place building first floor Suite 170. We have a private entrance  on the southeast side of the building. You may contact the salon directly at 918-743-9266.

Salon DiVago came about  out of the desire to control our own future in the beauty business in 2003. What started out as a small 3 person salon has now grown to a staff of 9.  Failure WAS NOT  an option. 

Salon DiVago is a small intimate salon with 8 stylists and our salon coordinator with varied schedules to accommodate our customers needs. Each stylist is in charge of their own schedules, bookings,  and pricing. DiVago regularly receives compliments by clients who come to us from bigger salons as they just prefer the pace of our space to others. Salon DiVago is also a place of learning.  The salon hosts many continuing educational classes inviting many stylists for hands-on and color theory classes. Whether you’re looking to make your friends jealous with a cool balayage, a whole new look, get a flashy set of nails, or a bangin’ set of hair extensions WE’VE got you covered

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