ZEF Color Society

Master color expert, Balayage specialist and Certified Curl by Curl/ Deva curl specialist. Esthetician services such as facials, Facial hair removal, Brow tinting and more.The ZEFinition: A space to create “Next Level “ hair that allows you to be your best, true self. Whether you want your style to be Soft and beautiful, Edgy and Cool or Business Professional, our diverse stylists can deliver. Our story is unique. We began working together in 2012, became fast friends, and soon discovered our mutual passion and vision for the hair industry. We talked about someday owning a business together, a place that would reflect our passion and that would be a space for constant learning and creating. After enjoying success on separate career paths, we came together to create ZEF Color Society. We commemorated our shared October 29th birthdays with color-wheel tattoos, a design that became a bond of our friendship and the inspiration for the Zef Color Society logo.

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