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How to Browse The Hair Care Directory

There are three ways that you can search for a product or service:

A. Quick Links – Click on the quick links to the left. It displays the categories and sub-categories of the products and services listed in this hair care directory. When you click on the link, it will take you to the category page for your selection where you will see all the listings in that category to choose from. 

B. Search Bar – Use the KEYWORD and LOCATION search bar to search for a hair service professional or a product in a specific geographical location. You can use it to search for a specific business or to check and see whether a business is already listed in the directory.

C. Top Categories – Click on a category from the Top Categories section that is found at the top of this page. From there, click on the radio button for the category that you want and then click the filter button. NB. Do NOT use the filter and the SEARCH bar (found at the top of the page) together as you may not get an accurate result for your search.

How to add a FREE business listing on the site

To add a free listing, click on the Add Listing or plus button that is located at the top right of any of the hair care directory pages. When choosing your category, please note that there is a scroll bar located to your far right that allows you to scroll and see all of the available categories from which you can choose the most suitable category for your products or services in order to get the best hair care advertising

To prevent your listing submission from being rejected, please do not submit a listing if it is not related to hair services or products. Secondly, when uploading images, be sure to size them according to any of the acceptible image sizes that are stated in the help center. All your images must be at the same size. NB. Listings submitted without images will be accepted but they will not get shown amongst recent listings on the home page.

Weekly Business Spotlight

Let us put the spotlight on your business! This is the moment to let your business shine. We believe that behind every great business there is a great story. Secure this weekly spot, and tell us about your company. You can share with people how your business got started, why you started it, and what people need to know about your hair products or services. Give your business the great hair care advertising it deserves.

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Hair Only Here® is pleased to announce that it is now a registered trademark business. The certificate of registration was issued on September 12, 2023 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The Hair Only Here® mark signifies what this directory site is all about: It welcomes business listings for all businesses that have a hair connection whether it be through hair services or a hair product, and provides a place where consumers can come and find any and everything about hair. It is all about hair care. Hair Only Here®!

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