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Business Spotlight – Let us put the spotlight on your business! This is the moment to let your business shine. We believe that behind every great business there is a great story. Secure this weekly spot, and tell us about your company. We would love to hear how your hair styling services or hair product business got started. Read more.

Venezuelan Women Being Mugged For Their Hair

 An unthinkable thing has been happening to the Venezuelan women in the city of Maracaibo: They are living in fear of being mugged for their hair. The Americas website first reported this news in September 12, 2013.  According to the report, a gang of women thieves known as… Read more

Angela’s Hair Journey

Young Years – I was born with true nappy hair. My hair would grow up to shoulder length and no further but in its natural state, it was healthy and beautiful. However, because of the coarse texture of the hair, it became a challenge to manage during my early years. Perhaps it was more of a challenge .. Read more

How to Search For A Business in A City, State or Zip in The Hair Care Directory

There Are Three Ways That You Can Find Any Type of Hair Business in A Specific City, State or Zip in the Hair Care Directory. You can search by the Quick Links to you left, from the Search Bar, and from .. Read more

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